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Expert Real Estate Assistance for Foreign Investors in Italy

Ciao, and welcome to our consulting firm.

Buyhouseinitaly is a boutique Consulting Firm specializing in Italian real estate consulting services. We focus on providing comprehensive full-services assistance for buying properties in Italy, catering to each client’s unique needs, whether acquiring a small home or making a substantial investment in Italy.

Our hallmark that sets us apart is our particular specialization in assisting clients who invest in Italian properties with the aim of generating additional income through private or entrepreneurial tourism activities.

Our international team, featuring both in-house talian and Swedish professionals as well as trusted external italian collaborators (lawyers, surveyor, accountant), boasts over 15 years of experience in the Italian real estate sector. We offer comprehensive, all-inclusive assistance for purchasing properties in Italy, covering every aspect of the property acquisition process. This service is ideally suited for those looking to invest in Italian properties for personal enjoyment or commercial purposes such as short-term tourist rentals, B&Bs, Airbnb setups, hotels, or agritourism.

All our professionals and collaborators speak English, Italian and Swedish ensuring effective communication throughout your property journey.

Our clients, hailing from all over the world, particularly Northern Europe, benefit from the expertise of our multilingual team. Fluent in Italian, English, and Swedish, we provide seamless communication and direct assistance throughout your property journey, ensuring no need for third-party intermediaries.

Our team and mission

Our boutique consulting firm is comprised of a dynamic group of professionals and trusted external collaborators (lawyers, surveyor, accountant), each an expert in their respective fields within the real estate sector. Born from the need to bridge the gap between foreign buyers and Italian property sellers, our team not only has over 15 years of experience but also shares a strong bond of friendship. This unique combination enhances our synergy and reliability, enabling us to offer seamless, comprehensive assistance throughout the property acquisition process. Our internal project managers coordinate closely with each client and facilitate direct communication with lawyers, accountants, and specialists, ensuring personalized and efficient service. Our friendship and professional expertise form a solid foundation that guarantees enhanced trust and effective solutions for our clients’ diverse needs.

Share your project for a preliminary evaluation: schedule your 30-minute free call

We are available for a 30-minute introductory video call (completely free of charge) to provide foreign investors interested in purchasing property in Italy with an overview of our working methods and services, answer questions about general aspects of the purchasing process, and, most importantly, evaluate your project. This allows us to offer a detailed explanation of how we can assist you. Our services are always personally tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, and our fees are fixed, covering all aspects of our comprehensive support.
Note: The service does not include personalized consultancy on specific cases or situations, which can always be requested or quoted following the first free call.

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Thank you for considering our firm for your real estate investment needs in Italy. We look forward to providing you with complete assistance in finding and acquiring the perfect property. Let us help you navigate the Italian real estate market with confidence and ease. 

Every member of our team, as well as our collaborators, adheres to a strict ethical code and is committed to continuous improvement. We consistently pursue specialized training and refresher courses to enhance our skills, competencies, and knowledge, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our boutique consulting firm.

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