How our full-services assistance works

Our assistance for buying property in Italy is truly complete and extends to all phases of the purchase process, i.e. from the search for a house in Italy to the transfer of the property right and the subsequent fulfillments (water-electricity-gas utility contracts, waste tax, insurance on the house, etc.).

Here are the main 6 phases of our assistance:

Step 1 - Free video call with our experts

We always prefer to organize a preliminary video meeting (completely free of charge and without obligation) to introduce ourselves and to answer your questions regarding the properties of your interest, the purchase process, taxes, our assistance, etc.

The first video call is followed by a second, more in-depth meeting where we explain the operational plan and the details of how the assistance will be carried out.

Step 2 - Search property

Can't find a suitable property or don't have time? Don't be discouraged.

Contact us and explain your needs. We will take care of finding a suitable property for you. In this way you will always benefit from our services.
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Step 3 - Preliminary contract tailored to your needs

If you have found a home through our property finding service, or if you have already found a property to purchase on your own, you can go directly to this step

Drafting of a tailor-made preliminary contract made by our trusted lawyer specifically according to your needs and according to the circumstances related to the property. The lawyer will be in close contact with you to answer all your questions and to explain in detail every aspect of the contract before signing so that you can be an active part in the whole decision-making process.

The contract will be conditional on the successful outcome of the legal and technical checks that we will carry out on the property. This is to ensure the maximum safety of our clients well before the purchase is concluded.

Step 4 - Legal and technical checks on the property

We never leave anything to chance. Our trusted lawyers and technicians (engineers and architects) will carry out in-depth checks both on property rights and on the correctness of building documents (building permit, floor plans, etc.). It is necessary to evaluate the presence of problems related to previous transfers of ownership, the presence of situations that may affect the right to property (mortgages, foreclosures, debts, etc.), the presence of illegal building but also simply verify that the house is actually suitable for your future project. A recurring example is the case of the usability of the house for short-term tourist rentals.

Therefore for us it is extremely important that these checks take place long before the meeting with the Notary so that it is possible to act in advance and more effectively to resolve any problems in complete safety without having to give up the purchase of your dream home.

Step 5 - Meeting with the Notary and conclusion of the purchase

We organize the meeting with the Notary and the seller for the authentication of the final contract and the consequent transfer of ownership. Our trusted lawyer and we will be sitting next to you during the meeting to assist you and explain every aspect of the final contract. A few days before signing, we will also organize a briefing to prepare you for this meeting.
If you do not speak Italian, we will prepare a bilingual power of attorney to enable signing on your behalf. Alternatively, we can arrange for an interpreter to be present at the meeting.

Step 6 - Fulfillments following the purchase of the house

Immediately after the conclusion of the purchase we will take care of the formalities necessary to update the contracts relating to water-electricity-gas utilities, to take out home insurance and to open a bank account in Italy. We will also take care of other important aspects such as reporting the change of ownership both to the Condominium for the management of the common parts of the building and to the Municipality for the waste tax. Finally we will help you during the first year for the calculation and the compilation of the F24 form for the payment of the annual property tax.

All done! Now all you have to do is enjoy your new Italian home.

If after the purchase you should need something… perhaps an incomprehensible letter, or anything else that concerns the administrative or legal aspect… just call us!

It is important to us not to leave our clients alone. We are always happy to help you even after the purchase.

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