Complete assistance for buying a house in Italy​

We offer specialized and complete assistance during all phases of the purchasing process in Italy

Imagine having a dedicated team of experts guiding you through every step of buying your dream property in Italy.

At Buyhouseinitaly, we offer specialized, fixed-fee services to make your investment journey secure and enjoyable. With decades of experience in the Italian real estate market, we handle all technical, legal, and administrative aspects, ensuring complete control and transparency throughout the process. Our primary goal is to protect your interests and ensure everything is handled correctly.

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  1. Why should you choose to have us by your side?
  2. We are not mediators but highly specialized consultants
  3. What does complete help include?
  4. Consultation fees (fixed price)
  5. How we manage communication during your assignment
  6. How our consultation works

1. Why should you choose to have us by your side?

We stand by your side, providing complete control over the entire purchase from logistical, administrative, legal, and technical perspectives.

Many challenges faced by foreign investors in Italy involve dealing with various parties in the purchase process (real estate agencies, lawyers, surveyors, notaries, banks, construction companies, etc.), as well as language barriers, legal complexities, and the nuances of Italian bureaucracy. These can lead to hesitations in making investment decisions. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to get a comprehensive overview simply by using the Internet.
These situations often lead investors to abandon their dreams of investing in Italy.

Based on our decades of experience in the Italian real estate sector, we have developed a model of support for buying a house in Italy specifically for foreign investors. Therefore, we offer specialized and complete assistance during all phases of the purchasing process in Italy, all at a fixed fee.

We will organize and manage the entire purchasing process, from searching, thanks to our collaboration with the best real estate agencies in Italy, to handling the administrative burdens after the purchase. Throughout the process, we assist by finding the right property and organizing viewings, maintaining contacts with all parties involved in the sale (agents, notaries, banks, etc.), assisting with price negotiations, creating an Italian tax code, setting up bank accounts, and through our consultants (lawyers and technicians), ensuring all property documentation is in order, establishing contracts in full security, reaching agreements with construction firms, addressing any issues with the house, and evaluating tax aspects between Italy and your home country.

2. We are  specialized consultants

We are a team of multilingual consultants, each an expert in a specific field, who help bridge the gap between the buyer and the real estate agencies during the buying process. We offer high-level consultancy services for purchasing properties in Italy that are also aimed at initiating tourism activities.

We are not real estate agents or mediators, and we do not sell houses. We provide operational assistance and expertise to either buyers or real estate agencies in more complex situations.

We ensure that the buyer’s experience is secure and that the buying process is enjoyable and stress-free. Before you make any payments or sign any contracts, it is crucial that you have a clear understanding of exactly how the transaction will proceed and what you are paying for. This commitment to clarity and transparency is our mission.

3. What complete assistance includes

Property selection and visits: Coordinating with various real estate agents and organize visits (Also take a look at our personalized property finding service >>> ).
Purchase process planning and relationship management: coordinate interactions with real estate agencies, notaries, banks, lawyers, surveyors, construction companies, and all parties involved in the buying process.
Price negotiation and terms: Negotiating the preliminary terms and sales price to secure the best deal for you.
Tax code activation: Arranging the Italian tax code.
Contract preparation: Choosing contract clauses and drafting a preliminary contract tailored to your needs and circumstances.
Legal and technical inspections: Our trusted external consultants, including lawyers and surveyors, conduct thorough legal and technical inspections of the property, ensuring they are always at your side throughout the buying process.
Payment management: Handling the payment of both the deposit and the final balance.
Notary meetings: We hold a power of attorney to represent you at notary meetings. This arrangement allows you to be by our side or, if necessary, to participate in the acquisition remotely via video call.
Final contract details: Managing all aspects of the final contract from the notary, including explaining the content of the contract, modifying or adding certain clauses, and being by your side during the meeting.
Post-purchase agreements: Setting up contracts for utilities such as electricity, gas, water, internet, and home insurance.
Bank account setup: Arranging for the opening of your Italian bank account.

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For renovation needs or starting a short-term rental business like a B&B or Airbnb, we can handle negotiations, contracts, and preparatory requirements.

4. Consultation fees (fixed price)

Our services are offered at a fixed fee. Our extensive experience has enabled us to prepare an “all-inclusive” package of support services at a fixed and very competitive price, specifically designed for foreign investors.

After an initial free call, we will send you a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you have a clear overview of the services provided and total control over the costs from the outset. This approach is designed to give you transparency and peace of mind as you embark on your property journey with us.

Contact us to discuss your property purchase and requirements, and we will provide a preliminary evaluation along with a detailed price proposal. Learn more about our free 30-minute introductory video consultation >>

Why Choose a Fixed Package Price?

When buying a house in Italy, it is often unclear how long the entire purchase process will take. This includes finding the right property, communicating with multiple agents, conducting various checks, and dealing with numerous offices (land registry, banks, tax authorities, etc.). Additionally, potential delays or unexpected issues with the purchase must be considered.

For these reasons, we prefer to offer a fixed package price that includes everything (on-site assistance, project managment, contract drafting, help with legal and technical checks, creating tax codes and bank accounts, etc.). With a fixed fee, we can ensure that our clients know exactly how much they will spend throughout the process.

5. How we manage communication during your assignment

Our project manager, Karin, will be your primary contact throughout the purchase process, providing constant updates and ensuring everything proceeds as planned. The project manager will also arrange meetings with our external consultants (lawyers or technicians) depending on your needs and situations. However, Karin will always be present to offer assistance.

To improve communication with our clients, we organize meetings via phone, video, and in person. Furthermore, we will be with you in Italy during meetings with real estate agents and notaries, or when the situation requires it, as we believe it is crucial to be by your side during the key phases of the purchase process.

6. How our consultation works

Depending on your needs and the specific situation, we plan together a functional purchase plan. The entire purchase process is typically divided into several phases. Each phase is explained in writing in detail so you have a complete understanding of what will happen and when. Additionally, we organize the purchasing process to minimize the time required so you do not need to travel frequently to Italy (or at all if you cannot), and we focus on reducing all costs.

What happens during the first phase of the purchase?
Once the property is found and the price is agreed upon, we will be involved throughout the entire purchase process. We start by formalizing the terms through drafting the most appropriate preliminary contract (purchase proposal) for the situation. Subsequently, we assist you with the payment of the deposit, obtaining an Italian tax number, and conducting legal and technical inspections of the property through our trusted advisors. During the final part (which might occur 2 or 3 months later), we will participate in the contract signing with the notary. Sitting next to you, we will explain step-by-step what is happening and why.

We are available for a free 30-minute introductory video call. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project and schedule an appointment. We are always happy to answer your questions and assist you.

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