Lombardy – big city glitter and lake glitz

When Lombardy comes up, many probably think of Milan, but there is much more to see here. It is a varied landscape between the Padan Plain and the Alps, and there are opportunities for big city life as well as nature experiences.

Fashion and shopping in Milan

In Milan, shiny modern buildings stand out among classic terracotta colored roof tops. The mix becomes especially clear if you stand on the cathedral’s balcony and look out over the city. The cathedral in Milan, Il Duomo di Milano, is one of the first things you should visit. It is mighty, 157 meters long and impressive in its Gothic splendor.

Anyone who likes shopping will not be disappointed with a visit to the capital of Lombardy. When it comes to fashion, few cities in Europe can beat Milan. For example, the well-attended Milan Fashion Week is organized here.

Luxurious feeling by Lake Como

In Lombardy there are five larger and as many as 80 smaller lakes. Particularly famous are Lake Como and Lake Garda, but here there are also lesser known, but very nice smaller lakes such as Endine in the province of Bergamo. Some real gems located next to the lake beaches are Gardone Riviera on Lake Garda and Bellagio on Lake Como. In both of these lakes, you can go by boat between the towns around the lakes. Parts of the Bond film Casino Royale were filmed at Lake Como, and the atmosphere here is luxurious and sophisticated. It is also stunningly beautiful, with mountains sloping down to the lake.

Easily accessible winter sports

In Lombardy, there are good opportunities for winter sports, you only need to go just outside Milan to find good slopes, for example the area of ​​Piani di Bobbio, which is just over an hour from the city. Between Bergamo and Brescia are Seriana and Val di Scalve, with slopes and trails to suit everyone.


Otherwise, the Valtellina area is perhaps the most famous skiing paradise in Lombardy, with resorts such as Livigno, close to the Swiss border.

All of these areas are, of course, fantastic to visit in other seasons as well, for activities such as hiking, mountain biking and climbing.

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