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Calculation of Italian IMU Tax: a guide to understanding Italy’s Property Tax

This guide seeks to simplify the process of calculating the Italian IMU property tax and shed light on the pivotal role that ”cadastral income” plays in determining your tax liability in Italy. If you're an overseas resident who owns a property in Italy, or an international investment firm with real estate holdings in this Mediterranean country, continue reading to grasp the ins and outs of Italian...

Navigating some of the common risks of buying property in Italy

The Italian buying process is often presented and carried out in a routine manner, where the property is first locked in with a bid and then proceeds to a meeting with the notary for the final contract signing. The process for purchasing a property in Italy is well structured and its formality makes each transfer of ownership safe, but as with any negotiation, regardless of whether it is a property or a...

Understanding the Difference between Cadastral Area and Actual Surface Area of Properties in Italy

In Italy, the cadastral surface (Superficie catastale) of a property is a measure used by the government to determine the property's tax value. This measurement includes all covered surfaces of the building, such as perimeter walls, internal partition walls, and accessory structures. However, it excludes outdoor spaces like balconies and terraces. It's important to note that the cadastral surface may...

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